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As we begin the proccess of archiving and preserving our documents and artifacts and especially our history of the lodge past and present, you will find updates on this page. So understanding the connections between past and present is absolutely basic for a good understanding of the condition of being human. That, in a nutshell, it is why History matters. It is not just 'useful', it is essential. One hundred and sixty-eight years have past maybe a few more but since June 27, 1848 when the lodge was petitioned this is what we know. Many of the documents are in disrepair and missing at least in the minute books. I would implore my brothers to assist me in preserving our lodge's history by becoming involved in this project. Hopefully the links at the bottom of the page will guide you in giving a hand in preserving the history of your lodge.



Below are the first two pages from the 1848 minutes apparently while the lodge was perhaps dark the Senior warden passed and it was noted but it is not 1848 the page does not belong in this volume. (see transcription below)

The document to the right is as follows

Bro Benjamin Norman paid to J C (unreadable)the sum of $11.55 cts to be paid to bro Samuel Martin Tres

Transcription from first book (loose page) after further examination this page does not belong in the 1848 - 1864 vol., but in 1869.

Brothern since last we met Bro Benjamin W Norman our Senior Warden has been eased from his labors in this temple here below.So as is humbly trust eternal refreshment in the Grand Lodge above. His demise took place on the 6th Oct AD 1869 AY3? a severe blow has fallen upon the order and the lodge. A bright light has gone out of the West, the Senior Warden is no more. The deceased had barely reach the West before he was called upon to surrender his trust and pass from among the living. Of anything is calculated to teach humility this perticular deprivation will bring it home to us and all the lessons taught by it should be a lasting and impressive one. Let us lay it to heart and profit by it keeping our desires within due bounds and checking all premature asperations for distinction. Our departed brother was attracted to the pure principles of Masonary and no one could have been more devoted to the welfare of the craft and the prosperity of the order. His pleasant smile and cordial greeting we shall know no more.


Whereas it has pleased the Grand Master of the Universe in manifestation of this divine Will to Remove from the scenes of his earthly trial and this lodge our late senior Warden brother benj W Norman it is a lefson powerfully teaching the mutability of human life and the uncertain trust of worldly honors. These visitations remind us that we are mortal and the time of our departure is at hand let us so live that when we are summoned
Past Master James Ponder's final resting place is in view of his beloved lodge

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