District 3 Traveling Square

This is a closed group on FaceBook To take advantage of this service you must be in District 3 sign on to FaceBook then join.

Purpose to provide transportation in District 3 to all Masonic events where possible. These may be in District 3 or out of the district availability depends on drivers.
1. There will be a fee to help the drivers with the cost of transportation
2. Passengers will meet at a designated safe pickup location
3. All planned trips will be posted on the 3rd District Traveling Square Facebook page


1. For a trip in the district up to Smyrna - $5.00
2. To Wilmington - $10.00
3. Trips above Wilmington into PA,MD.,N.J. etc whereas the trip can be made on a tank of gas the driver starts with a full tank and is replenished on the return home trip by refilling at the most convenient location from whence we came. All passengers will split the cost (tolls may apply).


If you would like to be a driver please contact the District 3 Traveling Square
1. Vehicle must be able to accommodate all passengers
2. Vehicle will never be overloaded at any cost
3. Vehicle must be currently tagged and safe of all defects (exhaust, brakes, safe tires etc.)
4. You must carry a phone to communicate (passengers no show)
5. Above all Driver must have a valid DRIVER LICENCE TO OPERATE A MOTOR VEHICLE
Driving is a privilege and not a right


If you would like to be a passenger please contact the District 3 Traveling Square
1. You must be on time at your designated pickup
2. You must contact the group if for some unexpected reason (emergency etc..) you must canceled your ride. This will ensure the trip is not delayed.
3. You will be supplied with your drivers contact number
4. You must click the "join" on the FaceBook page to read what is coming up nothing will be posted here.


email: Contact District 3 Traveling Square